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Canada’s Leading ULC
Monitoring Station

Firetronics offers market-leading monitoring solutions from coast to coast, including 24/7 monitoring, fire emergency service, and guard service.

monitoring center

Unlike many competitors, who rely on third-party dispatch centres, our proprietary ULC Central Station utilizes wireless, internet and landlines for fast and reliable service. Upon receiving notification of a fire or security alarm, our Central Station immediately notifies the appropriate responder and monitors the situation until resolved.

All monitoring of your property is conducted from our 24-hour operational ULC Central Station. This includes 24-hour fire emergency service, 24-hour guard service, and the use of landlines, wireless, and internet – to ensure that your building is protected even in the case of power outages or downed phone lines. We are in constant contact with all relevant emergency services, and you can always contact us – 24 hours a day. Company's that rely on third-party monitoring centres can’t guarantee this.

  • ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring.
  • Conventional Monitoring.
  • Availability of Zone and Device Level Monitoring.
  • Security System Monitoring.
  • Elevator Cab Emergency Telephone Monitoring.
  • Emergency Call Station Monitoring (e.g Code Blue Stations).
  • Low Temp Monitoring.
  • Generator Monitoring.
  • Utility System Monitoring.

The Numera Libris Personal Safety Device

The Libris 2 Personal Wellness and Safety system offers security and peace of mind for employees who are vulnerable or work remotely in the field. The Libris 2 offers advanced features for an all-in-one mobile personal safety solution, with excellent location accuracy, LTE support, and crystal-clear audio.


Certified & Tested

Our ULC Central Station is ULC-listed and has been assessed, approved, and is regularly inspected by ULC (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada), an independent non-profit organization responsible for testing, inspecting, and certifying alarm monitoring and safety products, including fire safety products.

workers testing and inspecting safety products

To become listed, a company must demonstrate exceptional competence and consistently adhere to all relevant codes and standards. All of our fire and sprinkler monitoring systems are ULC-listed as per the latest edition of CAN/ULC S561 and installed and monitored as per the most current revision of the National Fire Code and National Building Code. To maintain this listing, ULC conducts annual on-site tests and inspections of the building monitoring equipment and the station operations for continued compliance and certification.