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Fire Protection Services
& Equipment

Firetronics has the experience and expertise to design, plan, and install the comprehensive fire safety systems that will keep your building protected.

fire protection equipment

As a fire safety technology leader, Firetronics can also update your outdated systems or address regulatory or compliance issues.

Our products meet all required codes and standards, including ULC, NFPA, National Building Code, and National Fire Code and CSA.

We provide a range of ULC listed and tested fire alarm systems for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

We carry a variety of fire extinguishers to service all types of buildings, including:
• Dry Chemical
• Pressurized Water
• Carbon Dioxide

We'll evaluate your property and install emergency lighting solutions best suited for your building.

We’ll evaluate your residential, commercial or industrial building and recommend the best sprinkler system solution for your needs.

Firetronics ULC monitoring panels use a combination of wireless technology, analog phone lines and internet signals to quickly and reliably reach emergency lines – even in the event of a power outage or downed phone lines. We recommend and install solutions for all sizes of buildings.

Fire Safety Plans & Monthly Audits

Ensuring the safety of your employees in an emergency is your top priority, and the first step is to build a well-thought-out Fire Safety Plan. Firetronics will develop a comprehensive plan for your building that provides for safe evacuation and meets or exceeds all Fire Code requirements.

Custom fire safety map